INTEGRATE fosters cooperation for industrial transition towards Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) in the Atlantic Area

WP3 Capitalisation: reports available

Action 3.3 report: Thematic workshops on eco-efficient practices in aquaculture
Action 3.4 report: Professionals experience transfer to practice: Living Labs

WP6 Définir un cadre pour le développement de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique: Rapports complets disponibles

Rapport d’action 6.1 : État des opportunités de développement pour le secteur de l’AMTI
sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.2 : Exemples d’implantations de systèmes AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.3 : Diagnostic du secteur de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.4 : Plan stratégique pour le développement de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique

WP6 Defining a framework for IMTA development: full reports available

Action 6.1 report: State of the opportunities for the development of the IMTA sector in the Atlantic Area
Action 6.2 report: Stories of IMTA systems implementation in the Atlantic Area
Action 6.3 report: Diagnosis of the IMTA sector in the Atlantic Area
Action 6.4 report: Drafting a strategic plan to develop IMTA in the Atlantic Area

The INTEGRATE Project Posters

Throughout the course of the INTEGRATE project, our partners have been busy presenting posters about the project at various conferences and events, including at Seagriculture 2019 in Ostend and the European Aquaculture Society conferences in Montpellier in 2018 and Berlin in 2019! Here are the posters we have presented so far:

INTEGRATE Pilot Action 1 ISC @ Seagriculture 2019
INTEGRATE Pilot Action 3 CTAQUA @ EAS 2019
INTEGRATE Pilot Action 3 IPMA @ EAS 2019
INTEGRATE IMTA definition NUIG @ EAS 2019
INTEGRATE Himanthalia cultivation ISC @ EAS 2019
INTEGRATE Project Interreg Atlantic Area 2017-2020

IMTA in France: factsheet available in English and French

Our French project partners have released a factsheet about integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) in France. Check them out now and learn about IMTA in France; the factsheet is available in English and French!

Factsheet in English about IMTA in France
Fiche d’information en français sur l’AMTI en France

Pilot Action information leaflets

As part of the INTEGRATE Project’s outreach to a wider public activities, we are creating a suite of promotional material to help inform a range of stakeholders about different aspects of eco-efficient practices in aquaculture. We hope to demonstrate that IMTA can be a step towards a greener Atlantic aquaculture industry, producing safe and healthy food and valuable jobs.

Our new leaflets, each describing one of our 3 pilot actions, are now available for download:

Pilot Action 1: testing new eco-friendly technologies and high-value species applied to IMTA
Pilot Action 2: near-shore eco-friendly IMTA developments of the system porphyra-oysters
Pilot Action 3: Eco-friendly standard IMTA model for land-based semi-extensive aquaculture