WP3 Capitalisation: reports available

Action 3.3 report: Thematic workshops on eco-efficient practices in aquaculture
Action 3.4 report: Professionals experience transfer to practice: Living Labs

WP4 Understanding IMTA Best Practices in the Atlantic Area: reports available

Action 4.1 report: State of the Art review
Action 4.2a report: Synopsis of the Thematic Roundtables
Action 4.2b report: Synopsis of the INTEGRATE IMTA Definition Event
Action 4.4a report: Porphyra hatchery cultivation
Action 4.4b report: Porphyra-Oyster IMTA systems
Action 4.5a report: Case study – Commercial bottlenecks to IMTA in earthern ponds in the southern Atlantic area
Action 4.5b report: Earthen ponds standard model guidelines

WP5 IMTA’s Environmental Contribution: Common environmental concept model and LCA reports available

Action 5.1 report: IMTA common environmental concept model 
Action 5.2 report: LCA of aquaculture systems:
semi-intensive / extensive pond IMTA and semi-intensive
traditional fishpond

WP6 Définir un cadre pour le développement de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique: Rapports complets disponibles

Rapport d’action 6.1 : État des opportunités de développement pour le secteur de l’AMTI
sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.2 : Exemples d’implantations de systèmes AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.3 : Diagnostic du secteur de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique
Rapport d’action 6.4 : Plan stratégique pour le développement de l’AMTI sur l’Arc Atlantique

Introduction of the INTEGRATE project online training material

Lars Brunner, Support Scientist at The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), introducing the project’s online training material.

INTEGRATE Factsheets out now!

INTEGRATE has released project and work package factsheets. Check them out now and learn more about the project and how it is unfolding!

INTEGRATE Project: general information
INTEGRATE Project WP3: Capitalization
INTEGRATE Project WP4: IMTA best-practices in the Atlantic Area
INTEGRATE Project WP5: IMTA’s environmental contribution
INTEGRATE Project WP6: Action plans for the Atlantic Area