French IMTA day coming up on 26 June 2018

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, the Regional Council of Brittany, CEVA and the Anticipa Technopole will co-host an IMTA day on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at the lycée Le Dantec in Lannion (Brittany, France).


General public and local stakeholders from Brittany’s maritime area will be discussing:

  • Ongoing experiments and various projects concerning existing IMTA systems in the region and more generally in Europe.
  • Hurdles and opportunities: implementation at sea or on land, choice of species, land, acceptability…


The event will consist of:

– One plenary session presenting IMTA principles, State-of-the-art in France and the INTEGRATE Project.

– Three round-tables : 1/ Biology and interaction of species ; 2/ What production and management prosecces and technologies for IMTA ; 3/ Regulation, conflicts of use and societal acceptability around IMTA.

– One on-board visit of two aquaculture sites (CEVA and Symbiomer).



Programme French IMTA Day 26 June 2018_INTEGRATE


CEVA, Technopole ANTICIPA, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and the Brittany Region will host an “IMTA day” on 26 june 2018 in Lannion (Brittany)

This event aims to gather all stakeholders involved in the use and management of the Breton marine area. Presentations and round-tables will address:

  1. Ongoing experiments and various projects dealing with existing IMTA systems in Brittany and more generally in Europe.
  2. Bottlenecks and opportunities for IMTA development: land-based and sea-based sites, choice of species, land use, social acceptability, etc.

Programme available soon.

INTEGRATE partners host first French IMTA round-table in Rennes

CEVA and Agrocampus-Ouest hosted the first French round-table to discuss IMTA technical issues on 25 April 2018 in Rennes:

  • Definition of “Technical Best Practices”.
  • Technical bottlenecks for the development of IMTA systems.
  • Technical priority areas for development of IMTA systems.


Program Workshop_INTEGRATE_Technical Best Practices for IMTA systems_EN

First Portuguese expert round-table coming up in Olhão

IPMA’s Estação Piloto de Piscicultura de Olhão will host the first Portuguese round-table to discuss IMTA technical issues on 12 April 2018.

Work Package 4 envisages four thematic round-tables (technical; environmental; economic and social) per country with the aim of bringing key experts together (from industry, academia, state institutions etc.) to develop the concept of Best-Practice for IMTA in each Atlantic Area country, which will then be synthesised into best practice for the Atlantic Area as a whole.

Agenda Technical Workshop Olhão-INTEGRATE_12 April

Next Integrate project meeting

The next Integrate project meeting will take place at IPMA’s facilities in Olhão (Portugal) on 17-18 April 2018.

European project to boost Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

El Puerto de Sta. María, November 13th, 2017– Eight organisations from Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom have partnered up to implement project INTEGRATE (Integrate Aquaculture: an eco-innovative solution to foster sustainability in the Atlantic Area). The project was approved in the first call for proposals of the INTERREG Atlantic Area 2014-2020 Programme.

INTEGRATE seeks to improve the environmental performance of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA). To this end, it focuses on making best use of the nutrient flow in aquaculture facilities by farming together species belonging to different trophic levels. The IMTA approach maximises resource efficiency while providing natural bioremediation at aquaculture farming sites.

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