INTEGRATE at the 5th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference

INTEGRATE partners at ASPC 2018. from left to right: Adam Hughes (SAMS), Pierre Eyrolles (AGROCAMPUS-OUEST), Rui Pereira (ALGAPLUS), Clive Dove (CTAQUA), Marie Lesueur (AGORCAMPUS-OUEST)

The 2018 Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (ASPC 2018) took place in Vigo, Spain on 23-24 October, focusing on youth employment in the maritime domain. Stakeholders from all across the Atlantic seaboard gathered to discuss how to provide opportunities to pursue careers in the maritime sector, how to obtain the necessary skills and embrace innovation without negatively affecting employment in the Atlantic area, while at the same time emphasising present opportunities for project development relevant to the Atlantic strategy and to the objectives of the Atlantic Action Plan.

IMTA is based on the simultaneous production of multiple species belonging to different links in the food chain. This approach to aquaculture fits the EU’s Blue Growth strategy, responding to the growing demand for aquaculture products while improving the industry’s environmental performance and creating new jobs that are appealing to young talent. IMTA can therefore be regarded as part of the solution to the environmental and social challenges that European aquaculture is currently facing.

Adam Hughes (SAMS) discusses the Scottish case study

At ASPC 2018 AGROCAMPUS-OUEST organised Workshop 4B “Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture: Challenges and opportunities for its development on the Atlantic Area”. WP 6 leader Pierre Eyrolles described how consultation with IMTA stakeholders had been implemented during the INTEGRATE case studies and how it has helped us understand national bottlenecks and levers to the development of IMTA in Atlantic Area countries. Pierre then moved on to discuss a selection of the French case studies, while Rui Pereira (ALGAPLUS) and Adam Hughes (SAMS) discussed the Portuguese and Scottish case studies.

INTEGRATE thanks the organisers of ASPC 2018 for their support of the project.